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katmore software new github repository from D.B. at Aug 14, 2012

Katmore has created a Github repository We have launched stable and dev branches to the open source CMS framework StayCMS.
Have a look, snoop around, and contribute at Submit bugs or similar issues at

randapi: a random number service in php using /dev/urandom from D.B. at Jul 25, 2012

Ever need a REAL random number when programming? By real I mean, a number that is not just statistically random (psuedo-random), but cannot be predicted (entropic)? This is why I created a random number php scrip using /dev/urandom. I've also used mcrypt as well. But, I found there are many situations when you need a true random number, but I cannot access /dev/urandom (no read permission), and the mcrypt library is not available. And what about if I'm running my script in Windows system?

In the past, I have turned to's handy and free api. But I figured, why not create a php script that does it? I'm worried about overusing their api, getting banned, and just being courteous.

So, I introduce, randapi. It is a RESTful compliant web service/api written in PHP that provides random numbers. Currently, it works only in environments where /dev/urandom exists and is readable (the script has 'permission'). Now I can deploy this script on one system where I have /dev/urandom access, and access it via curl or whatever I need. Project information at

This is useful for when you want to create a true random number, but your system doesn't have that functionality or permission to use that functionality. Examples of using this service in script will come soon. For now it's available for download from the katmore mirror:

Also, see the random generation service in action:

update to StayCMS: now version 0.6 from D.B. at May 7, 2012

StayCMS has been updated to version 0.6 (alpha). There is now support for changing themes and content namespace via the URL; if desired. Of course it is optional via the configuration wheather to allow that kind functionality. Also, there is now the ability to extend functionality via addons. The API for this has not yet been documented; in that regard, a download ( would be revealing. See the changelog for the details on changes.

StayCMS now has a roadmap, and a new release! from D.B. at Mar 21, 2011

A roadmap has been created to provide some idea on what to expect from StayCMS and when. It is available in the StayCMS documentation Plus... There's a new release! It's 0.5 (alpha).

StayCMS Modules are here: extend functionality unobtrusively from D.B. at Mar 16, 2011

With the 0.4 release of StayCMS I have introduced the ability to extend the CMS with modules. This allows extra functionality to be available to StayCMS users without bloat added to the StayCMS core. It also keeps StayCMS free from bloat at runtime, as modules aren't parsed by the server until their functionality is requested by the script. The first module, and one that will always be distributed with the core package, is the SF-Forms module.

It's the little things: Official StayCMS Themes Repository, along with staycms 0.3 from D.B. at Mar 4, 2011

I have just finished the launch of the Official StayCMS Themes Repository (available at We have the "barebones" theme available for easy demo scrutiny and download. More to come certainly, but at least it's a start! Also, we've got a handful of little yet important new features which emerged in the latest release of StayCMS 0.3. As always, availble at the katmore mirror.

Alpha 0.2 Release of StayCMS from D.B. at Feb 23, 2011

There is a 2nd release already of staycms. Alpha 0.2 adds more functionality and makes for a little easier setup. As with the first, it's released open source with through a FreeBSD style license. Stay posted on the page, you can always check for the latest release from the staycms section on katmore's download mirror at

StayCMS Release from D.B. at Feb 22, 2011

Katmore Software is proud to announce the release of staycms. It is a free download available at A 2nd alpha release (0.2) is coming soon. The whole point of staycms is to have a full featured cms (admin panel and all) w/o relying on any database connectivity. No weird custom scripts, XML configurations, or anything like that either. All functionality is determined through purely through php files and the filesystem.

Katmore Introduction from D.B. at Feb 21, 2011

Hello. My name is Doug Bird and I'm pleased to announce Katmore Software and the website. We have detailed our upcoming software releases, including our flagship products ClientCal and Blexy, as well as titles already available for download.

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