This is the Home Page (based on the 'home' portion of the name).
You can modify it by editing the content\sample\ file.

You can modify the look and feel by editing theme\barebones\
You could also make a new theme by copying barebones directory contents
and change the theme path to your new directory in sf-config.php

New content can be added by creating adding files in the content\sample folder.
You would first need to decide on a valid contentid (unique name that is only alphanumeric plus hypthen and dashes)
Then you would create a file in the folder, then edit it.
It can be arbitrarily edited, it will be evaluated as PHP script within the sfpage class.
(and thus access to functionality as if it's a part of that class).

Content is accessed with a query string, using the key "p" and it's value being the contentid
For example, to bring up 'samplepage' content, you would use sf.php?p=samplepage within the URL.

See StayCMS for documentation and other information.
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