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staycms 0.7 (alpha) release:
-ability to do 404 for contentid fail rather than rever to 500 server error
-create default extention for user/pass authentication
-apply to content namespace access ability
-create widget system

staycms 0.8 (alpha) release:
-create JSON web service for admin backend
-ability to authenticate user
-ability to add/modify content namespace as allowed in user/pass permissions

staycms 0.9 (alpha) release:
-create front end for admin web service
-create extention that allows ability for content can be pulled from sources other than files
-via a no sql server
-via sqlite
-via MySQL

staycms 0.10 (alpha) release:
-default extention for images to be stored/sorted/resized/processed through CMS?
-add ability to add images via admin panel
-ability to add extentions/modules/widgets from admin panel

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