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StayCMS is a content management system framework, written in PHP, designed to be simple to configure, apply, and extend.

Project Homepage

[email protected]

Quickstart / Configuration:
1) expand package (
2) edit sf-config.php appropriately, it is well commented
3) edit/add to content as appropriate
4) edit theme as seen fit

Themes, and Content:
The default package is intended to make 'theme' based webpage content available
for display to an end user. Page display is determined by REQUEST URI. For
example, the following URI:
will cause StayCMS to use the 'theme' file
the 'theme' file will include the 'content'
But if the default theme in 'sf-config.php' file is changed, the same
'content' will display but with the different theme.

Repository and source



Latest release


Road Map / Feature Wish List:

StayCMS Framework Specification:
The purpose of the StayCMS Framework is to provide a means to conviently
create and manage resources available to an end-user.

Prime Directives:
The StayCMS Framework and all valid componants must:
1) never require database connectivity for its stated purpose
2) be constrained by RESTful practices

StayCMS architecture implements features by the use of the following
componants 'core', 'extention', 'module', and 'widget'.

A StayCMS instance is one particular execution of a StayCMS

A StayCMS implementation is a set of resources available in a given setting.
A valid StayCMS implementation loads only one primary extention per
instance, and makes the core available to all StayCMS architecture

Extentions affect what resources are available to an end user. There are
'primary' extentions and 'addon' extentions.

Primary Extention:
Only one primary extention can be applied per StayCMS Instance, though
multiple primary extentions may still be available to a particular end
user depending on the implementation.

Addon Extention:
An addon extention can be dependant on a particular primary extention
though it does not have to be. Addon extentions are designed primarily to
affect the processing of a resource into display.

A distribution of a StayCMS Framework implementation with a limited
scope. For example; the intended scope of the default 'staycms' package
(distributed at is creating a traditional

Release History: (see CHANGELOG for details)
2012-05-06: staycms-0.6 release

2011-03-21: staycms-0.5 release

2011-03-16: staycms-0.4 release

2011-03-04: staycms-0.3 release

2011-02-23: staycms-0.2 release

2011-02-22: staycms-0.1 release

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