staycms docs :changelog

2012-05-05: staycms-0.6 release
-all modules, extentions, widgets belong to respective master classes, allowing for runtime diagnostics, etc
-removed "style" mechanism / terminology; replaced with "load" mechanism / terminology
-due to above: removed "sf-normal-style.php" file in root of project, renamed existing extentions to
-corrected use of function "is_a()" so that class_name is properly expressed as string literal
-updated behavior when attempting to access non-existent content-id: now 500 server error given
-addon 'multisite' allows content namespace to be indicated via URL (_GET['ns'])
-addon 'multisite' allows theme to be indicated via URL (_GET['t'])
-create 'extentions' ability
-feature to use content namespace arbitrarily
-via GET
-per hostname (ie: per domain)
-to ns based on having identical name hostname
-feature to apply theme arbitrarily
-via GET
-per hostname
-via content
-add contact-form example (that emails results) to sample content

2011-03-21: staycms-0.5 release
-simplified nomenclature used for loading modules (eliminated need to prepend "sf" to module name)
-forked changelogs for sample content, default themes, and default modules
-added functionality to ProcForm and Form modules

2011-03-16: staycms-0.4 release
-added ability to extend core functionality with "modules"
-now formats default title and heading text: Ucases beginning of each word, replaces dash (-) with [space]
-new sample content: added example page for modules (showing sfforms), changed sample content of 'home' page
-changes the packaged sf-config.php: modified order of settings for organization, and clarity, changed some default values so it works 'out of the box' in more scenerios
-related to above changes: changed some default folder names

2011-03-04: staycms-0.3 release
-modified default theme with updated Katmore links
-modified default theme to showcase customization of site heading, title per content id
-modified sfpage and sfdoc to allow customizing of site heading text, and copyright text
-added annotated sf-config items for defauult site heading and default copyright text

2011-02-23: staycms-0.2 release
-added some rudimentary error handling
-modified sfdoc and sfpage to allow hyphens in content namespace
-modified sfcms with simplier method of contentid verification from namespace
-modified sfpage to facilitate creation of valid links to any available contentid based on a link format and baesurl
-modified sfpage to allow customizing of Title text and Heading text in the theme files
-added placeholding functions in sfpage for future News/Blog functionality
-annotated the default sf-config file
-modified the default content, and default theme
-created a changelog

2011-02-22: staycms-0.1 release
-alpha release

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